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Landlord Insurance

If you are a landlord or property owner, we can help protect you financially against risks such as damage to your let property or contents, loss of rent, tenant liability claims and legal expenses. We understand the risks when renting out a property and as a result, provide high levels of cover as standard.

Our team has over 138 years combined insurance expertise giving you confidence that you will be supplied with a tailored policy for your unique requirements. We are also backed by leading UK insurers who provide robust cover at very competitive premiums and strive to handle claims efficiently.

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Landlord Insurance
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Blue Shield Complete Landlord Protection

White Squares
  • Blue Building
    Buildings Cover
  • Blue Couch
    Contents Cover
  • Blue Coins
    Loss of Rent
  • Blue Ambulance
    Landlord Liability
  • Blue Gavel
    Legal Expenses
  • Blue People
    Employers Liability
  • Blue Buildings
    Multiple Properties

Property Owners Insurance

Black Squares

Residential Tenancy Landlord

If you let your property to tenants it is important to protect your property and livelihood. Without the right cover, unexpected events could leave you seriously out of pocket. Fire, flood, vandalism or an error on your part that causes injury to the tenant could result in major losses.

Commercial Tenancy Landlord

Landlords should expect flexibility from their policy, and with B&M insurance we are able to tailor a quote for your business needs. Whether you need a policy for a number of properties, or a single business venture, we have you covered. We can offer combined landlord options for residential and commercial properties.

Why B&M Insurance?

  • Grey Tick Cover provided by leading UK insurers
  • Grey Tick Excellent service spanning 28 years
  • Grey Tick Trusted by over 3,000 customers
  • Grey Tick Tailored quotes to your specific needs
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What Is Landlord Insurance?

A landlord insurance policy helps protect the building you are renting out and your contents within the property. It also secures you financially against any potential claims brought against you by tenants if they suffer an injury or any losses as a result of an accident in your property. Further benefits provide loss of rental income if your property is deemed uninhabitable (following an insured event) and the tenants can no longer stay there.

Do I Need Landlord Insurance?

Letting To A Tenant

Insuring your assets should be a top priority of every landlord. We can tailor a policy to ensure that you, your assets and your tenants are protected and that you are abiding by the law. With B&M Insurance brokers you can choose from a range of key cover from our carefully selected top UK insurance partners.

"We have used Bricks & Motor for many years for our business and home insurance, they are always professional, helpful and great value for money. I would thoroughly recommend them."

As a landlord, any properties you own are important assets worth protecting with a comprehensive policy tailored for you. Our team will guide you step-by-step and explain all the options available to you to ensure you have the right level of cover. We have been providing landlords with excellent cover since 1990, protecting against unforeseen consequences.

Our team are experts when it comes to finding the right policy for you. We make it hassle free and easy to get the protection you need. If you are unsure about exactly the type of insurance you need for your property, contact our team today on 0161 763 8222 so we can help to get you started.

No Legal Obligation

Whilst there is no legal obligation to obtain a dedicated insurance policy, your mortgage lender may require you to take out landlord insurance before you take on tenants. Ensure if you have taken out a mortgage that you speak to your lender to ensure that you do not break any terms of your agreement.

"As usual, service and price were spot on! Great communicators, explain anything you ask and work in a timely fashion. Well recommended!"

Landlord Insurance Cover

Buildings Insurance

Whether you are a commercial or residential landlord, your property should be important enough to protect. This valuable asset faces unique challenges and risks every day, and a buildings insurance option will help safeguard your investment. Examples of risks include: fire, bad weather, criminal damage, bursting pipes, falling objects, subsidence, accidental damage and vehicle impact.

"Used B&M insurers for 10 years, excellent friendly helpful and efficient service, I would highly recommend."

If an unexpected event damages the structural integrity of the building, you will be covered for the below (remember that if the cover you have is just for the building alone, it is the building itself and not the contents that are protected):

  • Black Shield Floors
  • Black Shield Ceilings
  • Black Shield Roof
  • Black Shield Walls
  • Black Shield Windows
  • Black Shield Doors
  • Black Shield Fittings

Contents Insurance

Furniture, carpets, appliances and other items all add up to be worth thousands, protecting your contents against damage, theft or vandalism is a key priority for landlords. Adding this option to your complete landlord policy will ensure all items are protected against damage or theft.

"Brilliant customer service from Bricks & Motor. My claim was handled professionally and quickly."

The following are examples of the types of items that can be protected under a contents insurance policy which would be costly to replace:

  • Black Shield White Appliances
  • Black Shield Furniture
  • Black Shield Carpets
  • Black Shield Electronic Devices
Tenants' Contents

The tenants' possessions will not be covered by your policy, and you will need to inform them to take out their own contents insurance if they want to protect their belongings. You can refer your new tenant to us and we can deal with their contents insurance, this way you have peace of mind that your tenants belongings are insured.

Loss of Rent

Extreme events can cause your property to become uninhabitable, which in turn results in you receiving no rent payments until the property is restored. Can you afford to lose your monthly rent? Loss of rent cover protects you against events that mean your tenants can no longer stay in the property, covering the income you've lost as a result of your tenants no longer paying rent.

"Had insurance from Bricks and Motor for years. Kevan and staff very professional, have recommend to other people, over the years. Have personal insurance with them plus business insurance. So give them a ring they will do their best to find the right insurance for you."

Tenants Who Default

Loss of rent does not cover you if a tenant defaults on their rent, that is a seperate matter that could require legal proceedings. We are able to provide additional cover if you want to safeguard yourself in case a tenant does not pay their rent and you want financial security for any legal fees incurred.

Alternative Accommodation

It is possible by law that you may be contractually obliged to provide alternative accomodation if your property is deemed uninhabitable. You can add alternative accommodation cover to your landlord policy to protect you against the cost of temporary measures for your tenants. Alternative accommodation cover will only pay out if the reason for the property being uninhabitable is a specified and insured event.

Landlord Liability Insurance

Any building can turn into a death trap due to the inherent risk a property made of bricks has when containing electricity and plumbing. If your tenant is injured and it is considered to be your fault, it could financially cripple you if a compensation claim is brought against you.

"Kevan has provided me very valuable, up to date and bespoke insurance packages that serve my needs better then standard insurance packages over the past few years."

Landlord liability insurance will protect you against the cost of compensation payouts for injury or damage sustained to a tenant or visitor resulting from a fault in your property. Poor wiring, out of place tiles, damaged floorboards, extreme mould spores and other hazards that are out of the tenants control (your responsibility) can cause injury or ill health.

Employers Liability Insurance

If you are a business that employs staff members, it is a legal requirement that you have employers liability insurance to cover fees resulting from injury and illness claims. As an add-on to the policy, we can give you complete peace of mind that any legal fees and damages awarded to your staff will be covered.

"I have been dealing with Bricks & Motor for over a decade now, and always found them to provide a good, fast, friendly service"

Loss Recovery Cover

Loss recovery can help you in the event that you need to make a large, time consuming and complex claim. With the extra cover, a specialist can be dedicated to you and your claim meaning you can relax. The expert will help handle your claim, minimise disruption, obtain faster settlements and provide legal advice.

Additional Cover Options

We strive to match a policy to your individual needs, considering the above to be "core" elements and important cover options for any landlord. You can add additional cover such as legal expenses, terrorism and secure multi properties under one single policy. Please speak to one of our expert insurance advisors to build your quote on 0161 763 8222.

"5 star rating says it all - I have been dealing with Kevan and his team for more than 15 years for both business and personal insurance. I have always received exceptional service and advice - highly recommend."

Types of Properties Insured

We can provide assistance to you for a plethora of diverse rental properties regardless of how big they are, the location or type of risk. Whether you are renting out a house on a buy to let scheme or operate a commercial enterprise with a portfolio of buildings, we believe we can help you get the right levels of cover from leading insurers.

  • Black Shield Commercial
  • Black Shield Residential
  • Black Shield Buy To Let
  • Black Shield Unoccupied
  • Black Shield Portfolio
  • Black Shield Block of Flats

Rental Insurance Quote Comparison

As an independent broker, we have access to a panel of leading UK insurers who we have formed strong relationships with over the past 28 years. They are able to provide vast levels of cover as standard for landlords along with their lowest premiums. Based on your requirements, we are able to search the market to find you the right level of cover at an affordable price. Our experienced team identify an adequate policy for you (including any additional add-ons you require), provide advice on the different levels of cover from the underwriter and assist with any claims you may need to make after the inception date.

"Started the day in trepidation about sorting 2 different types of home insurance out. After struggling with websites of other providers - and being offered expensive premiums, I am delighted to have found B&M Insurance with the chance to talk issues and details through and receive clear explanations of terms used from a real human being! Dan Fay was brilliant! He rang back several times to clarify points and found me two excellent products at the best rates of the day! Thank you very much Dan."

Hassle Free & Tailored To You

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  • Optional Extras

    Choose from a wide range of options for other risks.

Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 Star Rating 4.9 out of 5 from Yell.com

5 Stars

Michael T

Highly Recommended

5 star rating says it all - I have been dealing with Kevan and his team for more than 15 years for both business and personal insurance. I have always received exceptional service and advice - highly recommend.

5 Stars

Justine W

Outstanding from B&M

Having used Bricks and Motor for many years we can highly recommend using them. We are only a small business and Bricks and Motor provide us with the most competitive prices suiting our individual business requirements. Kevan and the team are professional and friendly with excellent communication. An outstanding service!

5 Stars

Craig M

Five Star for B&M

I've just recently joined B&M as I had previously been with the same company for past few years, Rebecca was very friendly and efficient, B&M blew any recent quotes (fleet insurance) I had out of the water, I won't be going anywhere else! Thank you

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