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Insurance Claims

With over 30 years' experience in this sector, we understand the stress and financial strain people can go through when they need to make a personal or business claim. We try to take the pressure off our clients with a full claims management approach which is hassle-free and gets results quickly.

1 Black Chevron How do I make a claim?

We have been dealing with insurance claims for other 30 years. If you need advice following an incident and would like guidance through the claim, simply call us on 0161 763 8222 or submit a form now for a call back (Monday to Friday between 9am to 5.30pm - we are closed on bank holidays). An experienced handler will collect the details from you and inform you on best steps to take to resolve the matter. We will be here to chase the insurers for you to make the process as hassle-free as possible. If you need help outside of our working hours, we would recommend that you call the insurers phone number shown in the latest version of their policy document.

2 Black Chevron How do I know if I am eligible to claim?

The details of your policy will be detailed in your policy schedule which would have been provided to you when your cover was taken out. If you have any questions or cannot find this document then simply get in touch with us and we will be able to tell you if you can make a claim.

3 Black Chevron Will a claim impact my premium at renewal?

Depending on the circumstances of the claim and whose fault it was, your premium may increase at renewal and it may also have an impact on any no claims discount you have. Don't worry though because we have access to various leading insurance companies so we will do our best to get you the lowest premium possible when your renewal comes around.

4 Black Chevron How long will the claim take to process?

Many factors can dictate the time it may take to complete an insurance claim including the total amount, liability investigations and arranging third party services if required. We strive to make this process as simple as possible for our clients and look to get the issue resolved efficiently without much impact to you.

5 Black Chevron Will I have to pay an excess?

If your policy schedule states that you have to pay an initial sum in order to claim and the incident was your fault an excess amount will apply before you are eligible to claim. This figure may vary depending on the type of cover you have so please ask a member of our team if you are unsure. We will be happy to help.

6 Black Chevron What information will I need to provide?

Usually when you want to make a claim, your insurance company will want to know what happened, when the incident took place, if you have done anything about the issue and if you are able to provide documentary evidence in the event that assets need replacing or losses need compensating. The type of questions asked and depth of the enquiry will depend on the severity of the incident and the type of insurance product you have.

7 Black Chevron Will I need to provide documentary evidence?

You may need to provide evidence to support the valuation of the items or losses you wish to claim for and to prove that you were the owner if you are claiming for assets. We can help you best prepare your evidence with assistance on the types of documents you may need. Simply get in touch with a member of our team if you are unsure.

8 Black Chevron Will my no claims discount be affected?

If a successful claim is paid by your insurer and it was deemed that the incident was your fault, it's likely that your no claims discount (if you had one) will be affected in a negative way. Unfortunately, this is because you will no longer have a 100% clear claims history for the next few years and could be seen as higher risk to insure.

9 Black Chevron Should I correspond with the third party?

If there is a third party involved in the incident, we would recommend that you do not discuss whose fault it was and instead, simply exchange personal information with them (name, address and insurance details) which we will use to pass onto your insurance company. We would also advise not to offer any money to the third party or accept any payments from them for their involvement.

10 Black Chevron Should I collect witness details?

Depending on the type of claim, you may not need any witness details. If the claim is for an incident involving a third party, we would recommend that you collect details of any witnesses at the scene in order to build an honest recollection of the incident. If a third party was involved, they may lie in order to avoid paying for their actions which is where witness evidence can be used to discredit their story. Having an impartial witness who argues in your favour will help your claim and allow you to get the justice you may deserve.

11 Black Chevron Shall I report an incident if I do not want to claim?

We would recommend that you inform of us of any accidents, stolen goods, vandalism, fires, floods and suspicious activity involving your insured property. We will then be able to give you our professional advice on whether we need to notify your insurance company and how it may affect your cover. You may not need to make a claim but if you do not notify them and decide to make a claim at a later date, your insurance company may not pay out.

12 Black Chevron Is it necessary to notify the police?

We believe you should call the police in the event of theft, assault, personal injury and damage to your property as a result of malicious activity. Similarly if you are responsible for damage to someone else's property and the owner cannot be notified, you should also tell the police. They will then provide you with an incident number and statement to support your claim. Simply contact us for free advice if you are unsure of whether you need to get in contact with the police.

Cannot find your answer?

If you cannot find the answer to the questions you have regarding an insurance claim, simply call us on 0161 763 8222 (Monday to Friday between 9am to 5.30pm - we are closed on bank holidays) and one of our experienced staff members will be able to assist you free of charge.

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